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Yangchen and Her Sister’s Story

Yangchen and her elder sisters are two old innocent girls in our school who were recently admitted to our school. She is from Dolpo, Nepal bordered with Tibet. The school had limited seat but had to make some adjustment after hearing the hardship story from their victim mother who is the only hope in the village. It is because their father is an alcoholic person as he is constantly attached to alcohol rather than taking care of his wife and his children. The main source for their family survival is farming. Farming occupation in the Himalayan region is quite tough as everything has to be done with physical force.

There is the possibility of taking help from the domestic animals like ox, yak, and horse. Since their family background and economic is poor, they cannot afford this kind of resources. Just to meet the basic requirement of the family is also a difficult task for them. As a result of the household activities, as well as the farming, are done by her mother and elder children taking help from their family relatives. The father does not take any responsibilities as he is consumed by the alcohol. The story does not end here. On the other hand, the mother and her children have to suffer from physical violence from her father each and every day. Sometimes the incident is so intense the victim used to get bold marks on their body. One day the mother had enough of the traumatic situation. Her mother was not worried about herself rather she saw her children future being ruined. She saw a future where her children would live a life as same as her. The mother had no voice because she was illiterate and did not see any other option but to stay tight with her husband. This thought really scared her.

As a result, one day with the support of her relatives the mother along with her 4 children ran away from the village without letting her husband knows as he would not allow them to go. Yangchen mother had heard about Snowland School and while fleeing she had an idea where to secure her child future.

The journey from their village to Kathmandu is unimaginable. In cities just to walk 5 minutes we complain. But Yangchen and her mother had walked for more than 13 hours a day as their finance was limited. On the way, they had to overcome mountain passes which are over 5560 meters, heavy glaciers and strong river flow like Bheri. When the mother reached Kathmandu she directly came to Snowland School with the hope that our school will change and give a new direction to her 4 children future.

The school could accept only the tender age one and had no choice but to reject 2 of them as their age had crossed our school criteria requirement. The school accepted the two youngest ones Yangchen and Pema whereas the two other children were sent to a monastery by her mother.

It is also true that the life which Yangchen mother had lived should not be replicated by her children. Nelson Mandela once stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Therefore SNOWLAND SCHOOL would like to request any compassionate individual and who believe that education is each individual should receive in their lifetime to create miracles then please do support us in this mission to educate Yangchen and her sister.

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