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The new management team has been reviewing and making detailed analysis of the current internal management system of the School. Starting from the new academic year 2069 (2012/13), the team is going to work with the following objectives:

  • To establish a standard System for the School to run the organization smoothly
  • To provide an environment for the children where they will have an opportunity to grow individually and become a successful citizen
  • To find out a permanent solution for the financial requirements of the School
  • To generate an environment where students will get an opportunity to develop various skills to help with the School’s processes

Teaching and Learning Process

Teaching Method: Teaching methods at Snowland revolve around a progressive method combining various techniques such as lectures, tutorials, project work and field work. Students are encouraged to be critical and creative to keep abreast of the increasing world competition.

Individual Attention: The school ensures personal attention to address the specific needs of students, qualities that have obtained wide appreciation and trust from parents, guardians, well wishers, supporters, donors and students. Student centered approach for the total development of the student caters to individual needs while tutorial, preparatory and remedial classes are provided whenever necessary.

Guidance and Counseling:  nurtures and cares deeply for the personal social, educational and carrier development of each student.

  • At Snowland learning is positive experience
  • We are sensitive to individual differences
  • We encourage communication in the best interests of each individual student
  • Every teacher makes a sincere effort to get to the heart of the issues faced by students in their daily activities