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Brief Biography of Rinpoche
His Holiness Ranag Rinchen Rinpoche is known to be the Dolpo Budhha. He is a Buddhist scholar. He has been popularly known and recognized as Tulku which means reincarnated Lama. He spent his childhood in Dolpo and knows well of its hardships. He believes that the entire life of human being can be improved and changed towards a more positive direction through the light of education and wisdom. With the hopes of providing education, health care and a greater understanding of the children of the Himalayan Region, he has established the Snowland Ranag Light of Education School (SRLES) in 2002 AD. Since then His Holiness is continually looking to improve quality of SRLES. His Holiness believes that the school should be developed into a center of excellence where academic principles are integrated with peace and humanity. Therefore, this institution is dedicated to provide vibrant multi-cultural academic environment with career focused training. His Holiness is actively engaged in imparting modern quality education to the children from poor and marginalized community, conflict affected children and orphans.

His Holiness also offers Tummo treatment for free to all. Tummo Yoga treatment is based upon ancient treatment procedure. The treatment has been proved effective in neuron and orthopedic related problems.

Name given by the Monastery: His Holiness Ranag Rinchen Rinpoche popularly known as Dolpo Buddha.

Place of Birth: Saldang-2, Dolpa, Karnali Zone, Nepal

Date of Birth: 21 August 1973

Association/ Achievements:
  • Founder of Snowland Ranag Light of Education School (SRLES) in 2002.
  • Peace and goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism Board in 2011.
  • Chief Lama of the Yaetsher Monastry in Dolpa.
  • Continually working for world peace and humanity through teachings of Buddha.