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Children of the Snowland Documentry

Children of the Snowland Documentry

When Children in the High Himalayas are opened to the door of education, their struggle and the separation from their families for more than 12 years is not by choice but for the sake of  future education. The Documentary by Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephen showcases...
Appeal of Dolpo Buddha after Disastrous April 25 Earthquake

Appeal of Dolpo Buddha after Disastrous April 25 Earthquake

Dear Friends, With a mission to educate the children of high Himalayan region orphans, and marginalized communities from all over the Nepal, in 2002 a residential institute Snowland Ranag Light of Education School was established in Kathmandu in a rented premises. We...

Nepalese Happy New Year 2072 Message

As the new year approaches us in Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, some parts of India (Tamilnadu, Punjab) and perhaps in many other places and countries around the globe, Dolpo Buddha Guru Ranag Tulku Rinchen Rinpoche takes this opportunity to wish people all over the...
Snowland students going home after a decade

Snowland students going home after a decade

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination 2071 B.S. (2015 A.D.) appeared Snowland students are going to their respective places after spending 10 years in the School in Kathmandu. Many of the students hardly recognize their parents and relatives. When they were...

Message from Dolpo Buddha on Women’s day (8th March)

Despite the expansion of education opprtunities, literacy rates for women are significantly lower than men’s in Nepal. Education for girls is significant in developing countries like Nepal.Barriers to girls’ education would be reduced. Snowland is...


Infirmary facilities are available in the school for all students 7 days a week. Medical department is equipped with two experienced nurses. The school takes precautionary measures to prevent any kind of illness. If a child falls sick, the school health center...


Students are provided varied and balanced diet four times a day. Special food is provided when a child is indisposed or sick as per the prescription of the school doctor.


Continue assessment of progress and performance through regular unit test, homework, project works and term examination are rigidly followed.


School curriculum is the heart of our learning environment. The syllabus adopted in the school is based fully on the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education.