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School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination 2071 B.S. (2015 A.D.) appeared Snowland students are going to their respective places after spending 10 years in the School in Kathmandu. Many of the students hardly recognize their parents and relatives. When they were brought in Kathmandu they were very small. All these students are from very poor background and some are orphans and marginalized. Had they not brought in Kathmandu by His Holiness Guru Rinpoche they would have been illiterate running after the cattle like yaks and sheep in difficult terrain of high HImalayan region. Students’ going home after a decade is being possible due to the kind hearted Snowland friends of Future village Foundation. Dolpo Buddha wishes all the best to Snowland students for their going back to home.

Dolpo Buddha Guru Rinpoche also expresses gratitude to Atuna (Sun Own Industrial Co.) for providing climbing jacket to our students of high Himalayan region like upper Dolpo and upper Mustang. A team was here few days ago to donate the climbing jackets to students. Many many thanks to all the members for their effort coming up to here in Kathmandu and for being with us. Rinpoche also thanks all the friends involved in one way or the other for shaping the future of Snowland students. Guru Rinpoche also remembers volunteers from AMTM, France for their all round help needed for the students in order to pursue their studies at Snowland. Once again heartfelt thanks to all the well wishers and donors for their all round help to Snowland students.