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Dear Friends,

With a mission to educate the children of high Himalayan region orphans, and marginalized communities from all over the Nepal, in 2002 a residential institute Snowland Ranag Light of Education School was established in Kathmandu in a rented premises. We are trying to make Snowland a place for big thoughts, continuously trying to shape the future of many children fro m different corners of Nepal. Disastrous earthquake of 25 April, 2015 ruined Nepal in many aspects. It has claimed thousands of lives in Nepal and many left wounded. Our school Snowland has also suffered a lot. Our rented school building is cracked in many places and it is almost danger to live inside the building. Two of our students have hand fracture, five students are terrified and one student is not able to speak. Our students are living in open space of the school area. The situation is very pitiable. Though, we have to move forward for the betterment of the school and we have to shift the school more safer place. I have spent many years talking to as many people as I can in the Snowland community-students, parents, alumni, faculty and friends about what makes this environment so conducive for creativity in many fields. What I have come to know is that every thought matters, every connection counts. These connections are formed here in reference to Snowland School. Students interact closely with teachers. They form bonds with each other that last for a lifetime. Well-wishers create networks far beyond Snowland to bring the smiles on the faces of thousands of children. In the truest representation of Snowland community, different institutions, individual supporters and kind hearted people around the globe support school for the betterment of deprived children. We can maintain the magnificent spaces that make Snowland so ideal for producing big ideas. We urge donor and international communities and other generous individuals, institutions and organizations for humanitarian support to earthquake hit Snowland children. Please join us in supporting the future of Snowland, both with your time and a contribution to bring back the smile on faces of Snowland children. Your’s truly, Guru RanagTulku Rinchen Rinpoche “Dolpo Buddha”