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Snowland Light of Education School Documentary Movie

Taiwan Happiness Premiere

The top of the world, Nepal has a unique beauty of beauty extremely difficult to receive proper education. In order to have a better life for the children, the tamarind parents from urine sent children to boarding schools in the capital of add “the light of the snow hoping to flip their destiny. After 12 years, the young children of the school have been young and young, and they have not return to their home for years, but they are looking forward to it, and they are very close to their hearts and fear, so that they can walk on the road to a long journey.

  • The best documentary to conquer the international stirring London independent film festival x Nepal INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL
  • The breathtaking beauty of breath is comparable to the academy’s best foreign language film nomination movie [HEI]
  • Family bonding vs education priceless if you can leave who wants to leave?
  • The long way of wearing mountain ridge, the body and mind back and forth, he memory of the absence of the family is back.
  • 9/28 teacher’s day best announcer

Snowland Ranag Light of Education School

Our School, Our Light
Providing  a caring safe and loving learning environment with quality education system, life skills and values for the children from poor families
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Welcome to Our School

Snowland Ranag Light of Education School is a non-profit educational institute founded in Kathmandu, 2001 by Guru Ranag Tulkhu Rinchin Rinpoche (Dolpo Buddha) with the vision to improve the quality of life in the rural areas of Himalayan regions by educating their children. It is one of the first Dolpo Schools established in Kathmandu. It is fact that schools in Dolpa have to open for about 4 months and remain closed for the rest of the year because of the harsh climate, topography, inaccessible transportation, communication and health post in the mountainous region. Most Schools established especially in Dolpa, has education facility till grade 5 after that leaving no choice for further education. Families who can afford send their children for further education in Kathmandu and family who can’t afford has no hope for children future. Having Guru Rinpoche’s childhood experience in these remote and hardship realities, the children in the Himalayas do not receive good quality and efficient education. To secure and improve the future of education for dolpo children, the school was founded with a restless effort by Rang Guru Rinpoche with the kind support of his disciples, individuals and different institutions in the country and abroad. Currently the schools has exceeded about more than two hundred children from Solukhumbu, Humla, Jumla, Mugu and Dolpa districts of Himalayan regions. The classes range from nursery to grade ten.

A Home for Children, The Construction Plan of Snowland School

It is well known that Dolpo Buddha is one of the most respected and awarded guru by the Nepal government for the great contribution that he has blessed to the country in the field of education, health and being a messenger of peace in the field of social cause where his NGO – that runs the school, Snowland Ranag Light of Education is one of the golden example which has 18 long years long history of educating deprived children of the Country. H.H’s has been protecting his gumba Yetzer Jangchup Ling Monastery one of the largest and oldest monastery of Nepal which was handed over to H.H by his late Guru’s more than 20 year ago. Since the early age Dolpo Buddha’s vision is to make access to modern education to the underprivileged children of remote areas of Nepal mostly Himalayan region. Although the school has completed 18 years believes that he has still long way to go to reach to his vision. H.H wishes to increase the number of children and plans to make 1000 + success stories in the coming years.

As a result of that Dolpo Buddha has planned a project of owing his own school compound where the project is estimated to cost around NRS 10 crores. The project include school land, academic building, dining hall separate, play ground, football ground , basketball ground and Boys and girls dormitory. The project is quite dear to his holiness as H.H feels that’s his energy is decreasing day by day. If the project turns to be a success story then it would be a huge support to uplift the living standard of Himalayan people. On the other hand H.H’s vision can be seen fulfilled. Therefore H.H and the school would like to request to the well wisher and donors to extend your hand to support us in our mission and make this cause a meaningful one.

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A Message

From the Founder

“In reference to devastating April 25 earthquake His Holiness Dolpo Buddha Guru Rinpoche requests all youths of Nepal to do their best for the needy people. The country needs youths. Further Dolpo Buddha says that youth can contribute a lot for the welfare of our country. Today our people need financial support to build their ruined houses. At the same time they need physical and emotional support. The country needs efforts from the people from different walks of life. During political struggles and campaigns country has noticed loss of public and private properties but this time nation needs rescue and relief. Earthquake survivors need tent and shelter. Our combined effort will certainly help to cope this disaster.”

– Dolpo Buddha Guru Rinpoche
Our SchooL’s

Teaching and Learning Process

Teaching Method: Teaching methods at Snowland revolve around a progressive method combining various techniques such as lectures, tutorials, project work and field work. Students are encouraged to be critical and creative to keep abreast of the increasing world competition. Individual Attention: The school ensures personal attention to address the specific needs of students, qualities that have obtained wide appreciation and trust from parents.

Health (Infirmary)

Infirmary facilities are available in the school for all students 7 days a week. Medical department is equipped with two experienced nurses. The school takes precautionary measures.


School curriculum is the heart of our learning environment. The syllabus adopted in the school is based fully on the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education.


Years Established


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Snowland Ranag Light of Education School (SRLES)


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