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Snowland Ranag Light of Education School

All students are instructed to follow the Snowland rules and regulations as mentioned below.

Ø Speak English and Nepali.

Ø Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Ø Throw papers, wrappers and other trashes only in dustbin.

Ø Do not use chewing gums in school premises.

Ø Be ready for the school on time.

Ø Maintain tidiness and cleanliness of school uniform.

Ø Do not play in short breaks of the class and tiffin time except in scheduled sports/play time.

Ø Do not run and walk gently without making noise. Move or walk from one place to another in quoe.

Ø Spitting on the wall, classroom and school ground is stricly prohibited.

Ø Ornaments and using mobile phones are stricly prohibited.


Key Concerns on Personal Hygiene, Cleanliness and School Uniform are

·        Nail and nail police

·        hair style and ribbon

·        Shoes and shocks

·        School uniform ( Shirt, pant,tie and belt etc)

·        Personal cleanliness

·        Classroom and passage cleanliness

·        Hostel room, bed and floor cleanliness


All students are encouraged to support in order to follow the above mentioned rules regulations and report class/ grade teachers, teachers or administration in case of  violation. 

Notice Board

Result of Snowland's SLC STUDENTS

published on: July 9, 2016

Snowland Family is very and proud to announce that all the SLC Batch 2072 have got excellent result and now all of them are admitted to various renown colleges of Nepal. A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the SLC appeared students of 2072!!!!