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Snowland Ranag Light of Education School

 All students are instructed to follow the Snowland rules and regulations as mentioned below.

Ø Speak English and Nepali.

Ø Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Ø Throw papers, wrappers and other trashes only in dustbin.

Ø Do not use chewing gums in school premises.

Ø Be ready for the school on time.

Ø Maintain tidiness and cleanliness of school uniform.

Ø Do not play in short breaks of the class and tiffin time except in scheduled sports/play time.

Ø Do not run and walk gently without making noise. Move or walk from one place to another in quoe.

Ø Spitting on the wall, classroom and school ground is stricly prohibited.

Ø Ornaments and using mobile phones are stricly prohibited.


Key Concerns on Personal Hygiene, Cleanliness and School Uniform are

·        Nail and nail police

·        hair style and ribbon

·        Shoes and shocks

·        School uniform ( Shirt, pant,tie and belt etc)

·        Personal cleanliness

·        Classroom and passage cleanliness

·        Hostel room, bed and floor cleanliness


All students are encouraged to support in order to follow the above mentioned rules regulations and report class/ grade teachers, teachers or administration in case of  violation. 

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Children of the Snowland Documentry

published on: December 21, 2017