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Message from the Founder

In reference to devastating April 25 earthquake His Holiness Dolpo Buddha Guru Rinpoche  requests  all youths of Nepal to do their best for the needy people. The country needs youths. Further Dolpo Buddha says that youth can contribute a lot for the welfare of our country. Today our people need  financial support to build their ruined houses. At the same time they need  physical and emotional support. The country needs efforts from the people  from different walks of life.  During political struggles and campaigns country has noticed loss of  public and private properties but this time nation needs rescue and relief. Earthquake survivors need tent and shelter.
His Holiness says we must be thankful to foreign aid groups for their earnest effort  to help quake victim Nepalse. Many people have lost their family members , relatives and their homes. We have to help them. Our small aid can make a big diffrence. His Holiness suggests the government to challanize all the resorces  being given by helping hands all over the world. We have to  evaluate our own efforts in the aftermath of this disaster.
Our combined effort will certainly help to cope this disaster.


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Children of the Snowland Documentry

published on: December 21, 2017