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Snowland Ranag Light of Education School is a non-profit educational institution which was established in 2001 by Guru Ranag Tulkhu Rinchin Rinpoche (Dolpo Buddha) with a vision to improve the quality of life of people living in the rural areas of the Himalayan region by educating their children. The School is affiliated with Guru Ranag Rinchen Rinpoche Trust, Nepal. Guru Rinpoche is currently helping to run the School aided by his religious followers. There were only five children admitted to the School when it was initially established. The number of students has now increased to one hundred and thirty three.

Understanding the importance of education to uplift the poor living condition of the people, the School has been providing education to the very needy and underprivileged children living around the rural areas of the Himalayan region of Nepal, especially from Dolpa. The children currently admitted in the school are from the areas of Solukhumbu, Mustang, Mugu, Dolpa, Jumla and Humla. Because of the extreme temperatures which drop well below zero degree most of the time throughout the year, survival is a daily struggle for people living in these areas where sickness cannot be cured, simple injuries cannot be treated and general nutrition is unavailable. Government schools in these regions are scarce and the majority of children receives little or no education because the schools available are open for a maximum of four months and remain closed for the rest of the year. Guru Rinpoche spent his childhood in this area and knows well of its hardships. He believes that the way to an improved life is through education and knowledge. With hopes of providing education, health care and a greater understanding of the world to the children of the Himalayan Region, he continues his efforts at Snowland Ranag School.

Children from poor families and orphans are provided with free education, food and a safe environment to live in. The classes range from grade one to grade ten. Snowland Ranag School aims to provide all the children with the tools they need to ensure a better life for them to succeed and help in uplifting the social and economic condition of their community in relevant ways.


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Result of Snowland's SLC STUDENTS

published on: July 9, 2016

Snowland Family is very and proud to announce that all the SLC Batch 2072 have got excellent result and now all of them are admitted to various renown colleges of Nepal. A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the SLC appeared students of 2072!!!!