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Snowland Ranag Light of Education School is a non-profit educational institute founded in Kathmandu, 2001 by Guru Ranag Tulkhu Rinchin Rinpoche (Dolpo Buddha) with the vision to improve the quality of life in the rural areas of Himalayan regions by educating their children. It is one of the first Dolpo Schools established in Kathmandu. It is fact that schools in Dolpa have to open for about 4 months and remain closed for the rest of the year because of the harsh climate, topography, inaccessible transportation, communication and health post in the mountainous region.  Most Schools established especially in Dolpa, has education facility till grade 5 after that leaving no choice for further education. Families who can afford send their children for further education in Kathmandu and family who can’t afford has no hope for childrens future.  Having Guru Rinpoche’s childhood experience in these remote and hardship realities, the children in the Himalayas do not receive good quality and efficient education.  To secure and improve the future of education for dolpo children, the school was founded with a restless effort by Rang Guru Rinpoche with the kind support of his disciples, individuals and different institutions in the country and abroad. Currently the schools has exceeded about more than two hundred children from Solukhumbu, Humla, Jumla, Mugu and Dolpa districts of Himalayan regions. The classes range from nursery  to grade ten.


 National Census 2011 puts Nepal literacy at 65.9 percent in which Himalayan regions are below the rate of 60 percent and the average annual income of a Nepali is $782.51. The only source of income in the mountains is mainly on farming where rain is scare. Through the macro perspective both in education and in economic, the mountain regions are economically backward, poor living condition merely able to feed some members of the families let alone to afford for education. Because of poor economic condition, refrained from access to basic communication and transposition, children have to walk for days to reach nearby schools. In schools there is barely any presence of teachers. Deprived from infrastructures, textbooks; centralized curriculum, poverty and social exclusion are also factors that contribute in the development of quality education. Because education is the only hope for the children in Dolpo, supporting their future by sponsoring their education is a hope of light.

 Having understood that survival is a daily struggle for people in these areas. Children from poor families and orphans are provided with free education, food and safe environment to live in. Guru Rinpoche an emissary of Lord Buddha has remained their guardian and family.


Snowland Ranag light of education has remained distinct from many schools in Kathmandu having 15 years of excellence educating the underprivileged, poor children from the mountain regions. Remaining one of the first Dolpa Schools providing quality education in Kathmandu, Guru Rinpoche believes in values of efficient and quality education to children from marginalized, underprivileged. 


Sandy Wu, a follower of Guru Rinpoche once wrote, “He doesn’t ask his follower to make Gumbas for him. But he established a school in Kathmandu named ‘Snow Land Ranag Light of education.’ He is the father of the school established for poor and helpless.”


“I am relentlessly committed to providing quality education to children from marginalized and helpless communities, orphans and victims of conflict who have previously been deprived of the light of education,”- Guru Ranag Rinchen (Dolpo Buddha)

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published on: December 21, 2017